Monday, 24 November 2014

I have been kept busy over the past week with finalising my 'Nature Outcasts' project and exhibiting at Knit and Stitch Harrogate!

 Theses are some of my samples for this finished project. It has been a real joy  working with something 'different' - paper as opposed to fabric. This  tortoise wallpaper has been screen printed and hand embroidered, simple techniques creating a beautiful effect.

Digitally printed wallpapers designed from scanned hand drawn imagery and photographs. Large scale designs that compliment the collection. I received lots of positive feedback at Knit and Stitch for my wallpapers...
A real pleasure to see my hard work has been worth it :)

Theses little guys received lots of attention at Knit and Stitch and sold very well. Thank you to all who purchased one and aided in funding for the New Designers London exhibition. 
 Such a positive response from well wishers and like minded artists and crafts people. The show was a great success! A lovely crowd of people and definitely worth a trip next year if you missed out this time.

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