Saturday, 10 January 2015

Here is my Hallmark project (a little later than expected!). Working on a live brief to create a textile inspired piece of art for imagery on cards. I call this project 'Emily and Friends.' The theme came about as I thought of my personal mishaps throughout my college life and how I have close dependable friends who are always there to help me out! The locations of the photography are sort of an inside joke between myself and fellow students, places that are of common interest to both us and students alike.

The little knitted character's were a pleasure to make, a pattern created by myself. The cards fall into the category for friendship cards and I think I succeeded in making them quite different to what you can find in the high street stores today. Typically girly, pink and glittery is not me, nor my friends and the colours and scenery reflect this. These cheeky little ladies spent a day having a photo shoot all around Bradford College and very much enjoyed it (hence the constant smiles). A fast paced four week project well spent.

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